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Re: alternatives

Hello people. I also watch with mixed feelings how the situation currently is. I use Ubuntu (14.04 LTS) in addition to Point Linux and as a lightweight alternative to PL I have installed elementary.os . It is based on Ubuntu, Launchpad is used to maintain the repos and it has an active community on ...
by nekomajin
07 Feb 2016, 13:31
Forum: Announcements
Topic: alternatives
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Re: Icons Breeze in Libreoffice

Maybe it helps you further: ⋅  Install the breeze package: sudo apt-get install libreoffice-style-breeze ⋅  Then, restart LibreOffice and go to Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View . ⋅  Select Breeze from the Icon size and style drop down box towards the left, and then ...
by nekomajin
08 Jan 2016, 12:25
Forum: MATE Desktop
Topic: Icons Breeze in Libreoffice
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Re: Happy New Year

Jim, I wish you and all other Point Linux users a healthy and prosperous 2016. I hope that the development of Linux Point continues. And also, that the forum is used active again.
by nekomajin
08 Jan 2016, 12:13
Forum: Other Topics
Topic: Happy New Year
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Re: Mipony

I have not found a suitable .deb package. So you should try it with wine (
by nekomajin
10 Sep 2015, 08:36
Forum: MATE Desktop
Topic: Mipony
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Re: HOW TO..

Hello pabloro,
I have two partition with NTFS, one SWAP and two ext4 partition. And i can enter the NTFS from Linux without problems.
Do you have an intern or extern hard drive on which you want to enter?

Best regards,
by nekomajin
03 Apr 2015, 13:24
Forum: Announcements
Topic: HOW TO..
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Re: Hallo

Hallo punktuser, vielen Dank für deine freundlichen Worte. Ich nutze Linux seit etwa 6 Jahren (seit Ubuntu 8.04) und seit etwa 1 1/2 Jahren bin ich begeisterter Point Linux Nutzer. Mit Windows arbeite ich nach wie vor (beruflich und privat), aber konnte schon viele Leute von Linux-Distris überzeugen...
by nekomajin
04 Jan 2015, 14:22
Forum: Weitere Themen
Topic: Hallo
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Re: I'm back....................

By the way: Has anyone seen Peter? The last time he was on August 21st online ?!
by nekomajin
16 Oct 2014, 18:05
Forum: Other Topics
Topic: I'm back....................
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Re: Firefox update

Hallo Coooper, deine Glückwünsche gelten Peter, der das hier alles im Alleingang aufgebaut hat und auch allein verwaltet. Und darin besteht sicherlich auch dein beschriebenes Problem. Wie du sicherlich schon festgestellt hast gibt es eine stabile und eine beta-Version von Point Linux. Und da sich Pe...
by nekomajin
11 Sep 2014, 18:22
Forum: Point Linux Vollversion-Unterstützung
Topic: Firefox update
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Re: An Unexpected Hit!

ausmuso wrote:
Maroman wrote:and finally. it's Linux. you can set or choose all as you wish.

Yes, and isn't that a great thing? ;)

It's one of the best thing on every linux-distri, that you can choose so many things. It's a great OS.
by nekomajin
11 Sep 2014, 18:11
Forum: Other Topics
Topic: An Unexpected Hit!
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