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Package update fails

Point Linux Mate 3.0b3
Package Updater fails while updating Mate files. I'm not sure they are actually required, everything I've tried seems to work OK.
In that case it is still an error.
by clhp
13 Jan 2015, 16:46
Forum: Installation Support
Topic: Package update fails
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Re: What Debian release should the next Point Linux be based

Jessie was the choice. I feel that was correct because 1. Creating Jessie was done by cloning Wheezy so you have Wheezy. 2. Jessie will get security updates. 3. I want to help move the Debian world forward. By doing this, the Point Linux team is able to upgrade PL while concentrating most of their e...
by clhp
04 Jan 2014, 17:16
Forum: Announcements
Topic: What Debian release should the next Point Linux be based?
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Re: SSD with point linux

I have an ssd also and the /home needs to go on the hdd, BUT, I have a problem because there is no way to assign /home to the hdd during the install.
Can anybody point me to what I may have missed?
by clhp
23 Dec 2013, 22:47
Forum: Newbie Questions
Topic: SSD with point linux
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