Resolution selection, v2.3 vs v3beta

Resolution selection, v2.3 vs v3beta

Postby Somewhat Reticent » 28 Apr 2014, 07:03

Just trying live on an old eMachines C6415, I noticed the display shut off and come back on when selecting "Monitors" from Preferences, and from a selection of roughly 8 resolutions v2.3 initially selected the best my monitor could handle; with version 3beta, I don't remember the display going off when checking/selecting resolution, but only 3 settings were listed - smoother, but too limited.
I'm not sure whether this is simply keeping the beta over-simple, or a bug, or a DebIan "improvement" dumb-down.
I do know some ISOs cause my monitor to shut off and on again several times while booting, and again when checking or changing resolution, while others operate smoothly. While my BIOS doesn't report many GPU settings, and certainly doesn't include all the modelines I can verify with cvt (never trust EDID), I do appreciate a full and tweakable selection of resolutions for my monitor(s). Sometimes speed counts more, sometimes image quality.
When first trying out any ISO, one of my first moves is to try a right-mouse-click while the pointer is at the center of the screen, to find how accessible resolution is at that point.
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