Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor

Postby Beeza » 22 May 2014, 14:50

I run PL on 3 laptops and a netbook. On the laptops the battery is detected and the monitor icon correctly displays the status. On the netbook (Acer Aspire AO521) the battery is not detected so there is no monitor icon.

As an experiment I have run a couple of other distros on the netbook in "Live" mode (from a USB stick) and both detected the battery - Xubuntu 14.04 and PCLinuxOS 2014.04. Both of these run a different kernel to PL - 3.13 in the case of Xubuntu and 3.12 for PCLinuxOS.

This shows that there is no hardware fault on the netbook, and suggests that the problem lies with the kernel used in PL (3.2.0).

Is there any practical way to upgrade the kernel in PL or, preferably, does anybody know of a fix to make the battery visible to the OS?

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Re: Battery Monitor

Postby dek » 23 May 2014, 04:49

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Re: Battery Monitor

Postby Pry » 24 May 2014, 05:04

The debian-backports package installation in Point Linux 2 will give you the same results. This package can be also installed during PL 2.3 installation.
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