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Re: All panels are missing on one account.

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2014, 09:22
by LoneWolfiNTj

1. The problem definitely occurs at log-off / log-on, not at startup. If I have the panels running, log out, log right back in, they're gone again. So it's something in the log-on script for this one account.

2. The problem is not related to vertical panels or auto-hide. I erased the vertical panel and turned-off autohide on top an bottom, but problem persists.

3. The problem is not related to any unusual content on the panels; I removed all but the basics, but problem persists.

I'll have to research where Mate stores per-user log-on settings. I'm pretty sure the problem is there, wherever that may be.

Re: All panels are missing on one account.

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2014, 09:56
by LoneWolfiNTj
I'm sick of fighting with this, so seeing as how no one on Point Linux Forums has any ideas as to why the mate panels on an account would disappear every time the user logs out and back in, I'm about to consider this account as "irrevocably hosed", delete it, and start over.

My plan of action:

1. Copy contents of /home/username to /home/username_damaged
2. Delete account "username".
3. Delete folder "/home/username" and all its contents (if it still exists after step 2).
4. Create NEW account called "username".
5. Make sure user-id and group-id numbers for "username" are same as before.
6. Adj user-id and group-id numbers in /home/username w chown if necessary
6. Copy /home/username to /home/username_clean
7. Selectively copy stuff from /home/username_damaged to /home/username
8. Undo step 7 if necessary by copying stuff from /home/username_clean to /home/username

Re: All panels are missing on one account.

PostPosted: 24 Nov 2014, 11:33
by GB Jim
Actually that sounds like a good idea to me. I thought of suggesting that myself, but am no expert. I hope it works and good luck. I cannot guess why only one account would have that problem. I have accidentally deleted a panel and it is then hard to get back. As long as you have a panel, right click- new panel works, but without a panel I wouldn't know how to add a new panel. Good luck and hope your plan works, because Point is a great OS.