wiki, how to burn

wiki, how to burn

Postby Maroman » 30 Sep 2013, 18:50

I read the wiki today and I found description how to burn etc. to usb (I haven't CD recorder, so difficult to install using CD). It seemed to be a little complicated and there is my suggestion to simplify the procedure, if you don't mind.
firstly I'm not fond of all this strange programs writing images, so I always try direct method.
for windows there is small portable program called rufus (cp., there is also version for launcher). generally works very quick and fine. it is always my first choice. and works with PL Taya 2.1 (I haven't downloaded Taya 2.2 yet).

Linux. what about command
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sudo fdisk -l

next for Taya 2.1 (I have iso at ~/Downloads directory). I checked the standard Debian command (just from handbook)
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cd /home/maroman/Downloads
sudo cat pointlinux-ect > /dev/sdX; sync

where sdX can be deduced from the result of very first command. finally we have bootable pen. I can't see any contradiction for not working for other debian/ubuntu based distros (I do not not the rest of world).

I tried to examine your dd command. first time I saw parameter oflag=direct. but it's crucial because without it pendrive doesn't work. and for bs we can set 1M (1024x1024= exactly this same but easier to remember).

hope it helps.

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