Point 3.0 beta issues

Point 3.0 beta issues

Postby Maroman » 28 Mar 2014, 07:16

recently noticed. version 3.0b1 is used on asus u32u notebook.
  • switch user command doesn't work (no effect)
  • logout command blocks computer (always hard reset is only available) - last update has maintained it
  • special keys (Fn+f10-12) are not working, icon is seen but no sound change
words on the last issue. special keys are working fine on my desktop in Point 2, but are not working as well on my notebook (namely for both versions special keys are not working). I do not know if it's hardware specific but keys are working good on my notebook in different distros I've checked.

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Re: Point 3.0 beta issues

Postby TNFrank » 15 Apr 2014, 18:53

Gdebi Package Installer isn't working either. Seems to work fine in "Stable" but in 3.0b1 and also in a SolydX install which is Debian "Testing" Gdebi just doesn't work. I have quite a few .deb packages that I need to install but can't because of this little bug. :pardon:
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