brightness setting

brightness setting

Postby Maroman » 07 Jan 2014, 07:15

I don't know where to put this subject. It deal's with PL3.0b1.

where to change brightness :oops: ? there is no option in power manager and /sys/class/backlight is completely empty? I do not know if it is hardware or software (distro) specific issue? In standard PL 2.2 (but in my case it's installed on different equipment/laptop) works so I can set brightness either from terminal or using power manager.

Peter, maybe new general subject should be defined dealing only PL 3 beta?


updated. I was trying PL3 live CD at different equipment. all works, however there is a difference in /sys/class/backlight directory between PL2.2 and PL3.0. so the above said situation might be caused by different video card (it was nVidia GF 6600) and free drivers not supporting full functionality.
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