Sound Preferences

Sound Preferences

Postby lee1762 » 12 Mar 2014, 21:17

I just installed Point 2.3 this morning and have noticed that my output preferences are set to dummy output stereo. I have no sound. Just wondering if anyone has a work around or know what to do. New to Point OS. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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Re: Sound Preferences

Postby jordan » 14 Mar 2014, 02:26

Hi lee and welcome to Point :)

When you go to System > Preferences > Sound, what is selected on the Hardware tab, and what is on the Output tab?
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Re: Sound Preferences

Postby Maroman » 15 Mar 2014, 10:35

to solve the problem you should also give more hardware details. there are problems with some sound cards, but mainly with alsa (for example mine based radeon) than pulseaudio. and the problem might be more general with Debian hardware recognition. but there is no medicine for symptoms like "doesn't work".

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