wow i am impressed

Re: wow i am impressed

Postby W2IBC » 30 Oct 2013, 00:23

one thing I have noticed. laggy net speeds..

backstory, wifi card I have uses the rtl8187 driver.. now I can use the native driver but it has ALWAYS been slow. plus I have always had to do "iwconfig wlan0 rate 1M" to even get traffic to pass. (best I seen this card work on the native has been with Fedora 11 back in the day) So I have always resorted to just using ndiswrap.

Fedora 19 ndiswrapped isnt too bad. rate auto adjusts like it should, and its not laggy. with point getting traffic to move has been 50/50 sometimes it moves as should sometimes it lags.

ex, try to go to network may lag up to 2 minutes before traffic begins to start passing.

now maybe I just happen to be missing a package that is on the full dvd but not the core cd (im stuck with cd's here) any idea what I may be missing?
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