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I have been concerned about privacy. I have not been successful with setting up a VPN. While looking into anon-proxy I came across this website. ... teps2.html

It was pretty easy to set up the proxy. It does slow your browser down a bit, but not bad compared to Tor. You can easily turn the proxy on and off in Firefox preferences.

There is also a Live CD in Debian with an XFCE desktop. The Live CD includes TOR, but does not have persistence.

It is not foolproof, yet it adds a layer of privacy. Anyone else tried this proxy? If you do try, let me know what you think. If I can set it up, most should be able too.

If anyone has a very detailed tutorial for setting up a VPN for real dummies, like I can't figure out if I need to set up an account with OpenVPN, don't be afraid to post.
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