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Waland Display Sever

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2016, 13:16
by GB Jim
There is an interesting OS which is fan based, but uses designed to show the functionality of the Wayland display server.

"A Rebecca Black fan-made Linux distribution that features the Wayland display server
RebeccaBlackOS is an open source Linux-based operating system based on Ubuntu and designed for Rebecca Black fans, as well as to demonstrate the functionality of the Wayland display server. A minimalistic edition, called RebeccaBlackOS Reduced, is also available on Softpedia."

"The first distro to include the Wayland display server" ... 0373.shtml

I didn't know who Rebecca Black was so looked it up. She is a singer and "Youtube" star. I think fan based OS's are kind of stupid myself, but the Wayland Display server is interesting. I will probably download the OS, burn it to a USB drive and check on the Wayland display server. It can be downloaded from Sourceforge. Has anyone tried the Wayland display server or have an opinion on the project?