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Unoffical Poll

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2016, 12:32
by GB Jim
How many people updated to Point 3?
How many people are still using Point 2.3.2 Taya?

I am still using Point 2

How about you?

Re: Unoffical Poll

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2016, 12:47
by Maroman
Jim, look at data

Point Linux 3.0 registered installs: 5974
Total Point Linux registered installs: 35142**

if we assume that new installations are as a matter of fact upgrades, we have 29k people who use old stable or gave up. of course I'm also in the first group. the figures show a problem. but it's not problem with pointlinux but rather with Debian.


Re: Unoffical Poll

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2016, 23:40
by rob630
I have been using PointLinux 3.0 since it was offered. I have no problems. I even have compiz running.
I know it seems silly, but I love it when a window$ user sees the cube flipping.
I Installed Debian Jessie and LMDE Betsy as well. I now wonder about the security of Betsy.
Installing Debian is like PointLinux, just on your hands and knees over broken glass.
I have found that PointLinux is such a light paint job over Debian that I feel quit secure.
Even if PointLinux wasn't keeping up, I can make sure the Debian repos are in my sources.list file.

Re: Unoffical Poll

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2016, 15:51
by MrNovi
I installed 3.0, then installed 3.2 and didn't have a good experience with either. Can't get my GTX 970 video card to work on anything higher than 1024 x 768 which sucks on 1080p monitors. Followed the instruction in the forums which were useless. Posted a help request which hasn't been responded to so I'm going to switch to something else that is actually supported. 3.x does work fairly well on my Intel based laptops with Intel graphics but not on anything with modern Nvidia or AMD graphics or as well as 2.3.2 does. Heck, I even got Compiz working on the one laptop I tried it on.

So consider me a disappointed ex-point user I guess. If it isn't supported then it's basically useless and dead IMNSHO.