system requirements?

Re: system requirements?

Postby pfrank » 11 Nov 2013, 15:09

drum wrote:Here i have point running on a Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 10.1" (250 GB, Intel Atom, 1.66 GHz, 1 GB) ;)

I have it running on an HP mini netbook (atom 1.66 GHz, 2gb ram). Very fast and responsive.
This distro is amazing, excellent for productive work. :D
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Re: system requirements?

Postby GB Jim » 12 Nov 2013, 12:48

I installed Point on a 2001 Milwaukee PC tower. It has a 30 gig hard drive. A 1.6 GHz processor and I upgraded it from 256 MB to 1 gig of memory. I am not going to tell you it is blazing fast, but it is useable and as fast or faster than Puppy was on the machine. I don't add Compiz as that will really slow you down, and who needs cubes and wobbles? Also I kept the programs I installed to very light small programs (Abiword, Audacious, Midori etc.) So far I am happy with the performance.
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Re: system requirements?

Postby TNFrank » 18 Nov 2013, 17:41

GB Jim wrote:. I don't add Compiz as that will really slow you down, and who needs cubes and wobbles?.

:shock: Compiz is one of the coolest effects I've ever fround, I LOVE my Compiz. That being said, if it's a "working" computer or of lower specs and you just want to be able to hit the interweb to check e-mail or surf a bit then I agree, you can do without Compiz. My daughter's old L866r Dell didn't have enough "umph" to run Compiz but I really don't think they're using the computer all that much anyway so it's no big deal. :D
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