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possible partition formats

PostPosted: 11 Jun 2013, 18:55
by dhinds
Which partition formats are possible when installing the recent release (13.4.1)?

Specifically, is btrfs offered?

Also, if Point Linux is based on Debian, I assume it is a rolling edition. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance.

Re: possible partition formats

PostPosted: 13 Jun 2013, 19:37
by dhinds
In response too my own query, I'll mention that since posting the above I did instill Point Linux Mate and have been above to get most everything I need running so far: Internet access and email (including extra dictionaries), printing, sound, documents, extra browers (Midori, Chrome and Opera), UGet, Inkscape, GIMP and ClamAV - are some that come to mind.

I am coming from SolusOS Eveline and LMDE (both Debian based), except Solus has decided to become independent and Linux Mint is focused primarily on it's Ubuntu based editions and LMDE is built on Debian testing (Solus Eveline is based on Debian Stable and is more dependable).

With regard to the file formats, I ran Point from a rewritable live DVD and noticed that the btrfs format option was greyed out (not available) in gparted , so I installed btrfsutils from synaptic and that seemed to do the job - I could then select btrfs as an option for formatting a new partition. However, on attempting to apply that selection, the operation was not successful, even after a number of tries. So Point is installed to an ext4 partition, and I'm not technically skilled enough to determine what would need to be done in order to install Point to a btrfs partition (an alternative provided by a number of other Linux Distros).

Another thing worth mentioning: I took me a little work to install Wine (actually, I wound up using an older version of Crossover, also), since I've have depended on the PIM Eccopro for many years to keep track of my contacts and agenda. (It probably would have been easier if I was running the 32 version of Point). I mention this along with the suggestion that Wine be installed by default - I'm sure many others require or a Windows or two (although perhaps with time I'll discover substitutes for the few I continue to use). In any case, Ecco is up and running just fine, and Point is now my number one operating system. (Just a suggestion).

Keep up the good work.