Live Installer

Live Installer

Postby mark » 12 Feb 2014, 09:37

Hello admin,

the installer of PL is very simple and confortable but i would like modify some pages to describe better some task, for example and if possible as include directly the best mirror to download the packages etc etc. It is possible to do this? This project is OSI or Copyrigth??

many thanks and compliments for your work
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Re: Live Installer

Postby Pry » 27 Feb 2014, 14:22

Hello, Mark!

Point Linux already uses the CDN (Content Distribution Network) type repo that means it chooses the the closest mirror to you. It does not work as expected so far because I do not have enough mirrors now, but North Americas and Britain are already covered.

The project is certainly open source with some non-free things like the wallpaper (CC) or the Flash plugin,
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