GRUB major issue

GRUB major issue

Postby fernbap » 29 Jun 2014, 18:44

I've been using Point Linux on an old laptop, and it was working wonderfully.
Then, the last update changed Grub, and it stopped working. In fact, i have tried several other distros on that computer, the live session works, install works and then grub doesn't boot as well.
Does anyone know anything about this grub issue and how to deal with it?
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Re: GRUB major issue

Postby nekomajin » 01 Jul 2014, 06:15

Hello fernbap and welcome to the forum.

There are several options for your problem. But first which laptop do you use? And what exactly does not work? Is there an error message? Or stop the laptop on booting screen?
Have a good time with Point Linux.
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