virtual console; keyboard layout

virtual console; keyboard layout

Postby Maroman » 28 Aug 2014, 05:48

in Point I use virtual consoles not so often but I was astonished the keyboard layout for 7th and 1st-6th are different. according to documentation (cp man keyboard command in terminal)
The keyboard file describes the properties of the keyboard. It is read by setupcon(1) in order to configure the keyboard on the console. In Debian systems the default keyboard layout is described in /etc/default/keyboard and it is shared between X and the console.
for me it means one keyboard settings for all consoles (am I wrong?).
and my /etc/default/keyboard is as follows
Code: Select all

# Consult the keyboard(5) manual page.



I was trying to change the keyboard layout by standard procedure (there are infos either in Point or Debian wikis). but failed. there is also no setupcon command to confirm the changes.

and my question is, if anyone successfully has changed the layout? maybe there are hidden (at the moment for me) mate settings to change keyboard layout for vc?

of course the subject is not of first importance but for me it's a bit annoying since I'm always changing y and z.

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