first time in Point Linux I need to add some applications

first time in Point Linux I need to add some applications

Postby duroon » 26 Jun 2014, 06:56

I have just installed for the first time Point Linux
I have used for 5 years Ubuntu 10.04

I would like to add some applications to the new system
I don't find the Software Center like in Ubuntu
I would like to install these applications

BleachBit (clean PC)
Google Chromium (+ language pack)
Gnome Maker (CD-dvd writer)
Iso Master
Pinta (image editor)
Start Up Manager
Ubuntu Tweak

Eitherwise other programs with the same function

How can I install these applications?

I would also execute files mp3, video, web radio and dvd
Shall I install other plug ins?

I would also like to personalize the boot and the grub
How to do that?

Which version of Point Linux can I install on old pcs with centrino cpu?
These processors don't support PAE-KERNEL
Thanks for your help
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Re: first time in Point Linux I need to add some application

Postby Maroman » 27 Jun 2014, 11:55

duroon wrote:How can I install these applications?
there is synaptic as a front-end for apt-get. point is debian based derivative. it's not ubuntu. some of needed applications are of ubuntu origin and hardly installed on point.
moreover debian kernels need pae. so probably it's not possible to install debian (wheezy or newer) and its derivatives on old computer without pae.

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