Install Grub-Customizer in Point Linux

Install Grub-Customizer in Point Linux

Postby clodoaldops » 19 Aug 2014, 03:13

I use Grub Customizer in Linux Mint to configure the grub-2 with other linux.
How i can install Grub Customizer in Point Linux ?

ps: sorry, my bad english!
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Re: Install Grub-Customizer in Point Linux

Postby GB Jim » 19 Aug 2014, 12:37

You might want to try startupmanager. I am not sure it is the same thing, but it is in the repository.

"StartUp-Manager configures some settings for grub, usplash and
splash screens. It provides an easy to use interface.

It is originally a Ubuntu project, adapted for Debian."

I use it on a dual boot. It will let you select which OS boots first.
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Re: Install Grub-Customizer in Point Linux

Postby Maroman » 20 Aug 2014, 04:40

grub is not so difficult to modify. I do not know if grub customizer can be installed but I changes can be done manually. I suggest to read here and do all yourself. if you need more, just ask.

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Re: Install Grub-Customizer in Point Linux

Postby jordan » 20 Aug 2014, 21:55

Maroman is correct in that Grub is not that difficult to modify. However, I'm not particularly interested in doing so manually so that's where easy to use GUI tools like Grub-Customizer or Startup-Manager (no longer in development) come into the picture.

I saw a good explanation in the CrunchBang forums of how to get Grub-Customizer working in Debian stable and testing though I have not tested it myself. Check out
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