synaptic will not load

synaptic will not load

Postby glasiad » 12 Feb 2015, 20:39

Today I allowed an update and the result was a system that refused to show on the display. It seemed to be running but the screen remained blank.

So I re-installed pointlinux 2.3 64 bit, did an update and all seemed to be running okay - except when I tried to start up synaptic package manager. It asks for password and then nothing.

I was having trouble starting synaptic through the menu on the previous installation and had to use the terminal to get it up and running. With this new install, even the terminal command 'sudo synaptic' seems to do nothing.

Anyone else experiencing this problem and have a fix?

BTW, I didn't hot check the backports repository list when installing.
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Re: synaptic will not load

Postby Maroman » 14 Feb 2015, 19:05

formally there is a command to run synaptic
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maybe it should be changed to
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gksu synaptic

try the last one in terminal. if works, you can edit menu (right click on menu and choose appropriate option).

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