What about KWin

What about KWin

Postby MrNovi » 11 Aug 2015, 21:57

Okay, I sort of understand about removing Compiz from Point 3 (although I don't particularly like it). But why isn't Kwin fully supported? While you have some of the necessary files available, ther are enough missing that prevent it from working. At this point I don't care which one we have, but we do need to have one of them FULLY available and working.
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Re: What about KWin

Postby rob630 » 15 Aug 2015, 22:24

I have just posted a how to on Compiz 0.8.10 under installation support. I have Compiz running quite nicely in Debian 8.1 Point Linux 3 and LMDE 2

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