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Another Great Tool: Systemback Create Live System Backup and boot to any other computer and or install your Installation.
Great to pre-fab a distro to install anywhere else.

I have been using Systemback for a while now ... they have a ppa for the 'buntus (Ubuntu, Mint based on Ubuntu etc.)

For all of the Debian 8.1 spins you download a tarball.

Here is the link ... I have found the developer Kendek to be very helpful.

Now I use Clonzilla for standing images and Systemback for live bootable installable images.

After downloading the tarball, I found putting it in my /home/User folder to be easiest, right click and select extract here.

Go to your terminal and enter " cd Systemback_Install_Pack_v1.6.200 " or what ever version it is when you download it

Then enter " sudo sh ./ "

Once installed you will find Systemback under " System Tools-Systemback "

Start the app and enter your password then press OK

Wait a few seconds for it to light up and select " Live System Create " Be sure to check the "include the user data files " checkbox.

Please remember that if you make an ISO or choose to install on a stick it will use FAT32. In either case you are limited to 4 GiB.


If you boot from a stick you create, simply start Systemback once booted and choose to Install or copy the image or what ever else you want.

The difference from clonezilla is that the new install will create an new grub giving itself priority.

This may not matter except for crazy guys like me who often have 6 or 7 different Linuxes and three Windows versions on the same
drive ... I like to write my own grub.cfg

The beauty is you can install with or without user data files under any username and password or simply copy the image to a partition of your choice ... FREEDOM!

Cheers rob630
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