hi from Atlanta; excellent work!!!

hi from Atlanta; excellent work!!!

Postby thekramer » 13 Oct 2013, 15:21


Great job. As a former Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu Gnome 2 user imho this is the best distribution showcasing MATE to date, while simultaneously addressing the key usability issues with Debian as a desktop (the media codecs, current Firefox & Libreoffice) but in the most minimalist fashion. I've already installed to a Dell Inspiron e1505 (Intel Core Duo t5600) so that a friend would have a usable laptop (the only struggle being I had to use a Tenda wireless USB adapter until I could address the lan and internal wireless with the B43 and B44 drivers). I have a very current System76 laptop running Ubuntu 13.04 as the OEM install but will look forward to having this run natively on it (likely will have to pull kernel from backports). Despite a commentary in a review I read urging otherwise, please don't rush into Mate 1.6 until it's had time to mature, being at Mate 1.4.2 is in keeping in line with Wheezy's solid but conservative approach. Bravo!
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Re: hi from Atlanta; excellent work!!!

Postby kc1di » 25 Oct 2013, 10:10

Hello thekramer,
and welcome to Point from another new user of the Distro.
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