Let's see your Point Linux MATE desktop!

Re: Let's see your Point Linux MATE desktop!

Postby Az4x4 » 20 Apr 2014, 16:47

Maroman wrote:..nice Az4x4. but what about resources??
I'm fond of simplicity and trying to use system tools..

I like simplicity as well Maroman! Instead of leaving Conky in place and using panel icons to launch apps, I remove Conky, which I think is rather useless, and use Docky to launch with. Have Docky set to auto hide, so when it's not in use it doesn't show on the desktop at all.

As far as resources are concerned my laptops are, shall we say, "well endowed"! I don't spend a lot of time monitoring what's going on and what's being used simply because I don't come close to pushing my equipment to the limit. If I did I'd probably be running Conky in order to stay constantly informed..
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