thanks for Point Linux 2.2

thanks for Point Linux 2.2

Postby kalwisti » 12 Jan 2014, 20:55

I recently installed Point Linux 2.2 (full version) on a test partition of my desktop PC, and am very impressed with it. I saw the distro mentioned in another forum, and thought it sounded like an interesting approach (Debian Stable + MATE + some extra goodies). I've become a MATE fan as the DE has matured and become more stable. (I tried MATE when it was first released on Mint; I found it to be buggy -- although it may have partly been the fault of my hardware, which is now considered a bit old [especially the integrated Nvidia chipset]).

Another thing that surprised me about Point Linux: I have an HP Mini 210 netbook with the notorious/infamous Broadcom 4313 WiFi chipset, which can be painful to get working under Linux. I tried a Live USB session with Point, and was shocked to see that WiFi worked out-of-the-box; that certainly didn't happen with plain-vanilla Debian Wheezy.

In conclusion, Point Linux is a "keeper" and I'll look forward to using it more. I don't need the latest and greatest for everything; I appreciate your LTS-type philosophy and have read your comments that MATE 1.4x is the preferable choice at this point because it is more stable than 1.6x.

Thank you, Peter, for your hard work! :) If you're the only developer working on this (and it looks like you might be), Point Linux is an even more impressive accomplishment. Please don't wear yourself out ...
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